6 Things You Can do With the Text Spy Tool

By | August 5, 2017

When you need information, assessing electronic sources usually divulges those important and much-needed details to you. But, it isn’t always easy to gather these details, especially if you are without passwords and such for the person who you want the information from. But now, you can get the details and information that you want with a cool, easy-to use tool called the Text Spy. This app makes it easy to get the details that you want and need, no matter who it is that you need it from and even when passwords are unavailable to you. Visit http://thesekidsrock.com if you want to learn more about the tool and why it is so beneficial to you. In the meantime, read below to learn six of the many things that you can do when you use this awesome spying tool.

1.    Listen to Calls

Wherever you are at, you can intercept phone calls as they are happening when using the text spy. If you’ve ever wanted to know what was being said, there isn’t an easier way to get the facts.

2.    View Call Logs

Who has this other person been calling? How long were they on the phone? These details are important to many people and with the ability to view call logs, you will not be wondering anymore because the details are presented to you.

3.    Read Text Messages

Do you want to read the full text message that was sent from this other person’s phone? Some of the apps out there for spying leave you hanging by providing only snippets of the text, but this spy tool works differently, proving the full message so there is nothing left out. It is nice to be able to access all the message when there are details that you need.

4.    Access Facebook Account

Facebook is the world’s largest social media site and it seems that everyone has an account here. There’s also a lot of hanky panky taking place on Facebook, at least so it seems. If you want to know what your partner is up to, Facebook is the place to go to find out and thanks to this awesome app, you can easily get the facts.

5.    Skype Information

You can learn who your friends, spouse, etc. have been Skyping with this tool and you can even read messages, call logs, emojis that were used, and a lot more. If your friend has a Skype account it is important that you find out what is going on here, too. It may very well be from Skype that you get the details you wanted.

6.    Pictures and Live Stream


Set up a camera and you can snap a photo of the person and what they are doing at that very moment. You can even set up listening devices and stream the audio that is being played. It is nice to have so many features available to you when you need to spy on someone.