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By | June 1, 2017

Often when you browse the internet you come across different programs on sale that promise radical transformation without actually doing anything. You simply take a pill or drink a solution and the weight falls off. Any sane person will realize that this is not something that will happen even in a perfect scenario but, when you are desperate for results you will try anything. As I was on my search for that life changing program I came across a Kayla Itsines BBG workout Review. This was a program that promised the results but did not shy away from admitting that hard work and dedication were the way. Now this was something I could believe. I found and read many more BBG workout reviews and poured over the included before and after pictures wondering if Photoshop had anything to do with them. I was at a stage in my life where I knew I had to make drastic changes and perhaps I needed to give this a shot.

Kayla Itsines designed this program with normal people in mind, people like me. There were no magic formulas only a promise of a lifestyle change that would radically transform me into a new person. There were no fast fixes promised and it was stated from the outset that hard work, commitment and dedication are the only things that will see you through to success. This was a program I felt I could trust.

For someone who doesn’t exercise unless forced, the thought of a daily workout routine had me in a panic but I had made the decision and I was going to see it through. It was surprisingly easy. The BBG workout was designed for people like me. It started off at a slow pace, working its way up in intensity and difficulty over the 12 week period. As my fitness began to grow and my body became more agile I would often find myself pushing harder and harder and it felt fantastic.

I had never been a very good eater, sometimes going a whole day without a meal and eating only at dinner time. This I knew was wrong but life was busy and food was not on my mind. Of course, I would sometimes pick on something on the run and it was usually not very nutritious in nature as it is usually junk food that is convenient isn’t it? I knew if I wanted the exercise regime to have the maximum benefit and results, I would have to incorporate the full lifestyle change. The eating plan incorporated into the system was actually much easier to follow than I thought it would be. The hardest part was forcing those meals in the daytime in the early weeks. Once my body began to become accustomed to it, I found myself reaching for the healthy snacks without even thinking about it.

My energy levels improved, my mood improved, my fitness improved and most of all my body improved. My confidence began to soar and my will to achieve my desired results of that bikini body grew more intense. I saw the program through the 12 weeks and even continued to follow the 12 week additional plan. My lifestyle changes were permanent and there was no turning back.

BBG workout reviews

Summer finally arrived and it felt amazing to step out into the bright sun without trying to hide behind someone or bundled up in clothing on a sweltering day. I finally had the beach bikini body I knew I deserved and I have Kayla Itsines to thank for that.